Baby Questions! Will my life be the same like when I was in Dubai?

How gorgeous is Dubai guys?? I still cant believe I got to live there! Ok, so technically I didn't live in Dubai, I lived in Abu Dhabi.. but still, same thing! I was basically in Dubai every day anyways since it was only an hour drive away lol. 

I am always taken aback when I look at these photos, and I am still not used to how beautiful the buildings and everything is in Dubai. Imagine, I lived there for 2 years and every day I would still say wow! Maybe thats just me, maybe some people can used to these kinds of things, but I was always so impressed! 

I am in Canada now, pregnant with a little baby girl, and am starting a new chapter in my life! I cannot wait to have her be apart of this world of mine. I want to show her everything! I am already trying to plan all these trips we can take together, and trying to figure out the logistics of travelling with a baby. I am sure its hard, but nothing can stop me!

Ill admit though, that I am a bit scared because I do love to travel so much, and would love to take her around the world and show her everything, but what if I cant? What if it really is THAT hard like people say? I know I wont be able to travel as much as before, and travelling will be different. But will it completely stop? I hope not.. 

My friends and family all say life is the same with a baby, just more busy thats all. So fingers crossed, because I definitely want to take this little girl to Dubai! Theres so much to do there for kids and so many of my friends have kids there too so shell be able to have fun with all of them! I guess well just have to wait and see.. 

What do you guys think? Will it be hard to travel once I have a baby?

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Costa Rica

My parents were both born, raised and married in Argentina before moving to Canada and having me and my sister. My dad has a sister who ended up moving to Costa Rica and getting married over there, and his other sister moved over with her as well. So although I am of Argentinean decent, I have family in Costa Rica as well. 

I have been to Costa Rica many times, and it was mostly when I was younger when I would go on the Christmas holidays or Summer Vacations with my dad to visit my family. I have so many fond memories of playing on the beach until sunset, and sitting round a bon fire in the sand singing to the stars with my aunts and cousins. 

Costa Rica will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Before I began travelling the rest of the world however, I made it a habit to visit my cousin Maria Pia every year around the same time (Spring) and would spend about a month in Costa Rica exploring. She would always take me around to the most beautiful mountains, and we would watch the most majestic sunsets I have ever seen. 

This was all before I began really documenting my travels around the world, and taking professional photos and videos, but I wanted to share some of my Costa Rica photos from over the years anyways. Just to give a little taste of the beauty this country holds. 

These photos are from one of the last times I visited Costa Rica. My dad comes from a family of 5, him and his brother live in Canada, his two sisters live in Costa Rica, and another sister lives in Argentina. Being that they are spread all over the world, it had been over 20 years since all 5 siblings had been together at the same time, so for New Years they finally planned and comitted to being together and celebrating in Costa Rica!

We rented an amazing home right on the beach on top of a mountain and had an amazing time. There was an infinity pool on the roof, and on the balcony there was a hot tub. Around the house was a lazy river pool. It was amazing!

These photos are of some beautiful bridges I came across while visiting an island in Costa Rica. These bridges led the path that many of the children there took on a daily basis to get to school. They are old and broken down, and probably very dangerous according to our standards, but beautiful nonetheless. 

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Jurassic Park ATV in Kauai

Have you guys seen the movie "Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates"? ... Ok well, how about I tell you thats the whole reason why we even came to Hawaii in the first place. Sad, but true! Actually not sad, its amazing because we had an awesome time!

So you know the part where the go ATVing in Hawaii where they filmed Jurassic Park? I was watching the movie with my husband and when that scene came on I looked at him and said "OMG! We have to go to Hawaii and ride ATVs where they filmed Jurassic Park!!"

And I wasn't joking! Because a couple weeks after that we were packing our bags and heading to the airport because Norwegian Cruise Line partnered with us to make all my dreams come true (aka go to Hawaii and ride ATVs where they filmed Jurassic Park!!). 

My husband couldn't believe it. One minute we were watching a movie (which by the way I totally recommend because its THAT funny), and then the next minute we were landing in Hawaii catching a taxi to Norwegian Cruise Line dock to hop on and start exploring Hawaii. 

The cruise took us Island hoping to a few different islands and the last one was Kauai, the famous Jurassic Park / Indiana Jones Kauai! So I was on a mission to find that ATV tour and have the time of my life! 

Thanks to the oh so amazing Kipu Ranch Adventures they made it all come true! When we got to Kauai they had a representative waiting for us at the dock with a fancy car and he drove us to the farm where they were patiently waiting for us with a super cool (you guessed it) ATV, and a super cool tour guide!

I love adventure and speed so this was perfect for me. Also, I actually love the movie Jurassic Park so being in the fields and recognizing different parts of the movie where the dinosaurs come running and stampeding was so wonderful!

I loved every minute of it, and so did my husband. It was totally worth it! Oh, and check it out! Thats the swing from Indiana Jones!

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The Gold Coast Hawaii

Aloha! Today we are in Kona!!

carla and moh the gold coast travel tourism blogger vlogger influencer collaboration carla maria bruno travel with me tv blog youtube hawaii tips kona norwegian cruise line.JPG

I partnered up with KapohoKine Adventures and they took me on a marvellous tour. It is called the Gold Coast tour, and as the music says, "I just wanna stay"!

carla exploring the world the gold coast travel tourism blogger vlogger influencer collaboration carla maria bruno travel with me tv blog youtube hawaii tips kona norwegian cruise line.JPG

First we visited the Kona National Park and visited a Sea Turtle beach, then we went to Cloud Forest.

A man-made jungle that looks like it is over 100 years old, but is actually only about 20-25 years old.

The man who owns the property is a world renowned botanist, and he took what was a dried out volcano field, and turned it into a lush green and very alive jungle!

Our last stop for the day was at the Mountain Thunder Kona Coffee Farm, where we learnt how they make their fresh 100% Kona Coffee from scratch, and we even got to drink some too!

It was an amazing time.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Travelling!


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Driving a Ferrari in Dubai and Visiting the Burj Khalifa

We had an amazing time driving around Dubai the way we really should! With a Ferrari! We drove by the most luxurious 5 star hotel: Burj al Arab and the worlds tallest building: the Burj Khalifa! We even went up to our friends apartment in the Burj Khalifa to see the views of Dubai from above, before hitting the road to continue our adventures. Thanks again Ferrari and Burj Khalifa for being apart of our amazing day!

Burj Khalifa

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