The Gold Coast Hawaii

Aloha! Today we are in Kona!!

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I partnered up with KapohoKine Adventures and they took me on a marvellous tour. It is called the Gold Coast tour, and as the music says, "I just wanna stay"!

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First we visited the Kona National Park and visited a Sea Turtle beach, then we went to Cloud Forest.

A man-made jungle that looks like it is over 100 years old, but is actually only about 20-25 years old.

The man who owns the property is a world renowned botanist, and he took what was a dried out volcano field, and turned it into a lush green and very alive jungle!

Our last stop for the day was at the Mountain Thunder Kona Coffee Farm, where we learnt how they make their fresh 100% Kona Coffee from scratch, and we even got to drink some too!

It was an amazing time.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Travelling!


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Amazing Helicopter Tour in Dubai!

We were so happy to have taken part in this amazing adventure! World class service from start to finish. The views from above the magnificent city of Dubai were breathtaking to say the least, and something only Fly High Dubai would have been able to give us. The staff are very friendly, and I HIGHLY recommend this tour. If you are thinking about it, don't, it is an absolute MUST!

Thanks again Fly High Dubai!

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Bike Tour in Guatemala

I may be South American, but I have visited more of the rest of the world then I have of South America. I don't know why, but when ever it came to choosing my next travel destination I never thought of exploring Latin Countries. 

My husband and I have a friend however, who lived in Guatemala for a few years to teach English and he fell in love with the people and the culture. He always wanted us to go visit but we never did because we were living in Dubai, which was too far at the time.

But one Spring while my husband and I were visiting Canada, our friend was in town as well and mentioned again how he would love to go to Guatemala with us and show us this amazing country. It wasn't hard to convince us (it never really is when it comes to travel), and it was the perfect time since we were only a few plane hours away. 

So we booked our flights, packed our backpacks, and began prepping for what was going to be one of the most life changing experiences of our lives. 

We stayed in Antigua, Guatemala and throughout the trip backpacked through Tikal and Lake Atitlan. We partnered with so many amazing tour companies and travel brands in Guatemala who welcomed us with open arms and were more than proud to show us a little peace of a place they call home. 

Guatemala is not a popular tourist destination, but it should be! If you are thinking of backpacking anywhere, don't be like me... go to South America! I wish I explored more of these beautiful countries throughout my years of travelling, but that just means I'll have to choose more Latin countries in the future when booking my travels!

Here are some photos of one of the many amazing tours we did while in Guatemala. While in Antigua, Guatemala (not to be mistaken with the Antigua from Antigua and Barbuda), we did a 5 hour biking tour through the city. We visited some historical landmarks, learnt about the evolution of the culture, and even visited a cocoa farm! 

I always try to do something new on my trips, and doing a biking tour was never something I had done before so I was excited to check that off my list! I still need to jump out of a plane, and take a hot air balloon ride... but maybe next time!

Going to Guatemala? Book your Bike Tour in Antigua with Old Town Outfitters!

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The Norwegian Cruise Line is taking me to Hawaii!

Aloha! Today is my first day on the Norwegian Cruise Line, and we are going Island Hoping around Hawaii!

My husband and I are so excited! We have never been to Hawaii before so we cannot wait to see what it has in store for us. We have an amazing balcony stateroom, from which we will be able to view all the breathtaking islands while we cruise.

I hope I can catch a lot of awesome shots and get some great footage for you guys!!

I have never been to Hawaii, and frankly, I never thought I would make it to this wonderful land. It always seemed so far away, and too expensive so this is more of a dream come true for me than most people might realize! When we landed in Hawaii I couldn't believe my eyes. Its true what they say about this state - it's GORGEOUS!

I don't even think Hawaii should be considered a sate, it should honestly just be its own country! Anyone else agree? I didn't feel like I was in the USA at all! The culture, climate, people, food, and nature is completely unique from the rest of the USA. I felt like I was in a different world! 

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But anyways, so here we are, in Hawaii, and on board the amazing Norwegian Cruise Line. I have cruised with them before a few years back throughout the Caribbean - we went to St. Thomas, St Martin, St Lucia, Barbados and Dominica. This time we're doing one state and cruising around it.

We are boarding in Honolulu and then we begin our trip for the next 7 days to Maui, Kona, Hilo, and Kauai!

Delicious food, check! Best balcony stateroom, check! World class service, check! Fun times, tanning, and vacation mode, check check check! I love everything so far about the Norwegian Cruise Line and its only day 1.. Imagine what days 2-7 will be like!

Our stateroom has a balcony and I totally recommend it. It makes cruising so much more relaxing! When you are in a room with a small window or sometimes with no window at all, it can feel a bit claustrophobic. But with a balcony you can sit back and relax, listen to the waves of the ocean, and drink your coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise. Its amazing and so worth it!

Also, get ready to eat if your thinking of going on a cruise. Thats one of the best parts! Its like you're on an all-inclusive resort, except each day you wake up in a different location! So come and enjoy because it's all you can eat and it's buffet style! lol I'll probably gain a pound a day, but also well worth it!

Alright thats enough from me for now. Keep checking back for more pictures and updates of our time here with the Norwegian Cruise Line in Hawaii!

Have you been to Hawaii before? Comment below!