Jurassic Park ATV in Kauai

Have you guys seen the movie "Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates"? ... Ok well, how about I tell you thats the whole reason why we even came to Hawaii in the first place. Sad, but true! Actually not sad, its amazing because we had an awesome time!

So you know the part where the go ATVing in Hawaii where they filmed Jurassic Park? I was watching the movie with my husband and when that scene came on I looked at him and said "OMG! We have to go to Hawaii and ride ATVs where they filmed Jurassic Park!!"

And I wasn't joking! Because a couple weeks after that we were packing our bags and heading to the airport because Norwegian Cruise Line partnered with us to make all my dreams come true (aka go to Hawaii and ride ATVs where they filmed Jurassic Park!!). 

My husband couldn't believe it. One minute we were watching a movie (which by the way I totally recommend because its THAT funny), and then the next minute we were landing in Hawaii catching a taxi to Norwegian Cruise Line dock to hop on and start exploring Hawaii. 

The cruise took us Island hoping to a few different islands and the last one was Kauai, the famous Jurassic Park / Indiana Jones Kauai! So I was on a mission to find that ATV tour and have the time of my life! 

Thanks to the oh so amazing Kipu Ranch Adventures they made it all come true! When we got to Kauai they had a representative waiting for us at the dock with a fancy car and he drove us to the farm where they were patiently waiting for us with a super cool (you guessed it) ATV, and a super cool tour guide!

I love adventure and speed so this was perfect for me. Also, I actually love the movie Jurassic Park so being in the fields and recognizing different parts of the movie where the dinosaurs come running and stampeding was so wonderful!

I loved every minute of it, and so did my husband. It was totally worth it! Oh, and check it out! Thats the swing from Indiana Jones!

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Touring the Road to Hana in Maui

I have partnered with Valley Isle Excursions and we are going on the stunning Road to Hana Tour. We are treating ourselves with a relaxing road trip to Hana with over 600 turns and over 50 man made one lane bridges.

thinking hawaii road to hana maui tour travel blogger travel vlogger travel influencer carla maria bruno.JPG
peaceful hawaii road to hana maui tour travel blogger travel vlogger travel influencer carla maria bruno.JPG

If you are heading to Maui, I strongly recommend taking this breath taking and scenic tour all through the coast of Maui.

hawaii road to hana maui tour travel blogger travel vlogger travel influencer carla maria bruno.JPG

I had an amazing time, and our tour guide was so entertaining. I would definitely do it again. Happy Travelling!

the windy road hawaii road to hana maui tour travel blogger travel vlogger travel influencer carla maria bruno.JPG

Valley Isle Excursions has been providing tours of Maui for almost 20 years and in that time the Aloha we share has only increased. Our tours, led by local guides in our custom cruisers are full of interesting stories that immerse the visitor into the culture of Maui. During this full circle tour we hear stories in their settings, sample the food and touch the plants that made all the difference to the Hawaiian people. During a tour experience the beauty of a rainforest waterfall, amazing coastal cliffs as well as an enchanting beach, all before your picnic lunch in Hana.

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After lunch, there is so much more to explore including waterfalls, pools, windswept ranch lands and peaceful churches. We provide pickup/drop off at your hotel or condo and cruise ship too (on-time with no stress)! Valley Isle Excursions was awarded Tour Operator Of The Year for 2016 by the Hawaii Ecotourism Association .

To enjoy a tour yourself contact Valley Isle Excursions and see for yourself. Book Your Tour!

Valley Isle Excursions https://www.tourmaui.com/tours/road-to-hana-tour/

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Aloha from Hawaii!

Aloha! I wanted to share these amazing photos of my time in Hawaii almost two years ago! I posted the photos on Instagram, and made videos for YouTube, but now that I have my own blog I thought I would share some of them here and write about it.

This was my first day in Hawaii and let me tell you, this wont be my last. I fell in love with the natural beauty of Hawaii itself. As soon as we landed in the airport I was blown away from all the mountains and volcanos surrounding us.

I have been to many places around the world with mountains, but for some reason the ones in Hawaii have a very different and more profound impact on me. They seem to hug the land and protect it, with all of its dark green and rich colours. At the peaks, you can see a soft mist of cloud, almost like in a dream. You can hear and see birds all around you, singing and flying freely. I remember looking around in awe, and saying to my husband: I could totally get used to this! 

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We went to Hawaii to catch a cruise with the amazing Norwegian Cruise Line. It's a 7 day cruise around Hawaii that stops at 5 of the major points around the islands. Landing in the Honolulu Airport we started our journey in Hawaii. We stayed the night at an Airbnb we booked, and caught the cruise the next morning.

This was my third cruise ever (second with Norwegian).

I love cruising! For everyone debating on if they should take a cruise or now - DO IT! It's one of the best ways to travel in my opinion, because you can just sit back and relax on an all-inclusive super luxurious and comfortable ship, with lots of entertainment and things to do! Each day, waking up in a new destination! 

So we landed in Honolulu one day before the cruise actually began its journey. So we stayed the night this girl Katie's house (from Airbnb). You'll see her in the YouTube video (link attached below).

She was so amazing!! She picked us up from the airport, took us around the island and even dropped us off at the pier where Norwegian Cruise Line was waiting for us the next day. From Honolulu, we set sail on the pacific and visited Maui, Hilo, Kona, and Kauai before heading back to Honolulu.

I have heard so many great things about Hawaii's natural beauty, and so looked forward to the jammed packed week of adventures that I had planned: hiking, kayaking, zip lining, horseback riding, and ATVing in the jungle!

taking a photo aloha hawaii honolulu ohau travel blogger travel vlogger travel influencer collab collaboration ad norwegian cruise line ncl island hopping.JPG

Thats pretty much it about my first day in Hawaii. Ill keep posting throw back blog posts about each of the days we were there, and include all the super cool tours and activities we did! Thanks again Norwegian Cruise Line! Definitely cant wait to book my next trip with you (once this baby comes out lol).

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The Norwegian Cruise Line is taking me to Hawaii!

Aloha! Today is my first day on the Norwegian Cruise Line, and we are going Island Hoping around Hawaii!

My husband and I are so excited! We have never been to Hawaii before so we cannot wait to see what it has in store for us. We have an amazing balcony stateroom, from which we will be able to view all the breathtaking islands while we cruise.

I hope I can catch a lot of awesome shots and get some great footage for you guys!!

I have never been to Hawaii, and frankly, I never thought I would make it to this wonderful land. It always seemed so far away, and too expensive so this is more of a dream come true for me than most people might realize! When we landed in Hawaii I couldn't believe my eyes. Its true what they say about this state - it's GORGEOUS!

I don't even think Hawaii should be considered a sate, it should honestly just be its own country! Anyone else agree? I didn't feel like I was in the USA at all! The culture, climate, people, food, and nature is completely unique from the rest of the USA. I felt like I was in a different world! 

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But anyways, so here we are, in Hawaii, and on board the amazing Norwegian Cruise Line. I have cruised with them before a few years back throughout the Caribbean - we went to St. Thomas, St Martin, St Lucia, Barbados and Dominica. This time we're doing one state and cruising around it.

We are boarding in Honolulu and then we begin our trip for the next 7 days to Maui, Kona, Hilo, and Kauai!

Delicious food, check! Best balcony stateroom, check! World class service, check! Fun times, tanning, and vacation mode, check check check! I love everything so far about the Norwegian Cruise Line and its only day 1.. Imagine what days 2-7 will be like!

Our stateroom has a balcony and I totally recommend it. It makes cruising so much more relaxing! When you are in a room with a small window or sometimes with no window at all, it can feel a bit claustrophobic. But with a balcony you can sit back and relax, listen to the waves of the ocean, and drink your coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise. Its amazing and so worth it!

Also, get ready to eat if your thinking of going on a cruise. Thats one of the best parts! Its like you're on an all-inclusive resort, except each day you wake up in a different location! So come and enjoy because it's all you can eat and it's buffet style! lol I'll probably gain a pound a day, but also well worth it!

Alright thats enough from me for now. Keep checking back for more pictures and updates of our time here with the Norwegian Cruise Line in Hawaii!

Have you been to Hawaii before? Comment below!