Shopping for Melia at BuyBuy Baby!

This post was sponsored by buybuy BABY, but all opinions are my own.

Shopping Spree!!

I had so much fun the other day at buybuy Baby shopping for so many new things for Melia! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my Story, because I documented the whole thing!

Melia is growing up soooo fast! It's amazing how quickly they change into new little versions of themselves. I feel like it was just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital, and with the blink of an eye, she’s now almost 4 months old!

I remember when she only first started to really open her eyes and look around, and observe the world around her. Now she's not only making the cutest little sounds all day every day, but she’s kicking, reaching for things, putting everything in her mouth, smiling, and playing… it's amazing! She’s so aware! Every morning when she wakes up and it's like she has learnt something new in her sleep!

All this to say… I HAD to go and buy her some new cute toys and clothes since she’s growing so fast and needs to stimulate her mind!

Kelsey helped me out while I was there, and showed me around the store. I was able to ask her all my 101 questions I had about Melia, and a growing baby, and she not only recommended so many amazing sensory toys, but also helped me choose so many fun little outfits and other baby essentials that I never even realize I would need!

Out of everything, I think the sensory toys that I bought for her were seriously Melia’s favourite! She loves the sounds the toys make, and they keep her entertained for a long time (long enough for me to do something else around the house in the meantime!)

The Munch Baby Mitt is a total life saver! She loves it! It's so cute, because right now she’s at a point where she puts everything in her mouth, so the mitts go right on her hand and make a crinkly sound which makes her soooo happy and excited! She loves it so much that I actually went back and bought her a second one, that way if one gets dirty, I have a back up!

Same with the book and other toys I got her that have so many beautiful bright colours that grab her attention, and make sounds that gets her little curious mind working!

I finally got her a mobile for her crib. Which you guys (on Instagram) helped me choose! I ended up getting the Just Born Dream Music Mobile in Pink/White. She isn't in her crib yet, but I am starting to get her used to her new room by putting her in her crib and playing the mobile while I do things like laundry or make the bed. She gets so happy when the mobile starts playing music and the little animals start spinning around, it's just so precious!

I also got her the cuuutesssstttttt little Baby Girl Outfits! She’s wearing size 3-6 month, but I got her some sizes even bigger so she can use them for a longer time. Melia is pretty tall for her “age” (lol is 4 months considered an age? Adorable!) so I have to put her in bigger clothes if not they are too tight! Isn’t everything so cute???

I have a Boppy which stays upstairs in my bedroom for when I feed her before bed and at night - but whenever I am downstairs I always try to get comfy on the couch with pillows to feed and sometimes it becomes difficult, so I got a second Boppy® Luxe Pillow with Reversible Slipcover in Giraffe to make life a little easier! Also, it's great because when I go to my parents or out of the house, I can bring this one and not worry about forgetting it anywhere, because I know I at least have the original one in my room.

And lastly, I got some cookies that help me make milk! They are called Milkmakers® 10-Count Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies and they actually taste so good! The box comes in a pack of 10 bags, and you can have one bag a day to help you produce milk and help in lactation.

Honestly thank you so much to everyone at buybuy BABY, especially Kelsey! She is amazing, and helped me out so much! Anyone who is in the Ottawa area should definitely check them out at the Train Yards location and ask for Kelsey. And even if you are not in Ottawa, they have a website online with everything!

PS: Let me know if you guys have any questions about any of the products I got, I can totally help you pick out some cute things for your baby! Just send me a DM on Instagram!

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My MOVO Photo SmartCine!

Hey guys! It has been a while since my last blog post, and to be honest it hasn’t been easy trying to find time to sit down to write, now that I have a newborn baby basically hanging off of me 24/7 lol. She’s the cutest thing ever though! I am literally so obsessed! Like, where did she come from? Does anyone even know where babies ACTUALLY come from? lol Somewhere in the universe I’m sure…

Ok, but seriously philosophical questions aside, I have been attempting to catch every single family moment (as you can probably tell from all the daily photos I post on my Instagram Account and her Instagram Account). I have been trying to film and take photos of everything when it comes to Melia. But honestly it’s not easy trying to capture high-quality REAL moments, without having to set up a whole day for “photoshoots”.

So, I came across the MOVO Photo SmartCine Video Kit, and it’s a total game changer! I fell in love with it and I wanted to share it with you because I know you will love it too! I got myself one just now and let me tell you, it is the BEST!

The Video Kit works with any smartphone, and it’s super easy to put together (I posted a photo and video on my Instagram if you want to check it out for more info).

The Kit comes with two high quality lenses (one fish eye and one wide angle), an LED Ring Light (I know all the girls out there are going to LOVE that, makes for a flawless selfie!), a professional microphone, a portable rig for easy movement, a security grip and so much more!

They’re currently on Kickstarter, so go check them out and give them some support with a pledge! You can help back them and in return get a MOVO Photo SmartCine yourself! I have been having so much fun with mine, taking photos around the house and taking it out with me on the road, or to my parents house. It’s so easy to use that even they have been joining in on the fun and taking professional family photos and videos on a daily basis!

Here are some selfie photos I took using the SmartCine with the Wide Angel and Fish Eyed Lenses!

I am so happy, now I can capture all of life’s moments easily and in high-quality, thanks to the SmartCine!