Jurassic Park ATV in Kauai

Have you guys seen the movie "Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates"? ... Ok well, how about I tell you thats the whole reason why we even came to Hawaii in the first place. Sad, but true! Actually not sad, its amazing because we had an awesome time!

So you know the part where the go ATVing in Hawaii where they filmed Jurassic Park? I was watching the movie with my husband and when that scene came on I looked at him and said "OMG! We have to go to Hawaii and ride ATVs where they filmed Jurassic Park!!"

And I wasn't joking! Because a couple weeks after that we were packing our bags and heading to the airport because Norwegian Cruise Line partnered with us to make all my dreams come true (aka go to Hawaii and ride ATVs where they filmed Jurassic Park!!). 

My husband couldn't believe it. One minute we were watching a movie (which by the way I totally recommend because its THAT funny), and then the next minute we were landing in Hawaii catching a taxi to Norwegian Cruise Line dock to hop on and start exploring Hawaii. 

The cruise took us Island hoping to a few different islands and the last one was Kauai, the famous Jurassic Park / Indiana Jones Kauai! So I was on a mission to find that ATV tour and have the time of my life! 

Thanks to the oh so amazing Kipu Ranch Adventures they made it all come true! When we got to Kauai they had a representative waiting for us at the dock with a fancy car and he drove us to the farm where they were patiently waiting for us with a super cool (you guessed it) ATV, and a super cool tour guide!

I love adventure and speed so this was perfect for me. Also, I actually love the movie Jurassic Park so being in the fields and recognizing different parts of the movie where the dinosaurs come running and stampeding was so wonderful!

I loved every minute of it, and so did my husband. It was totally worth it! Oh, and check it out! Thats the swing from Indiana Jones!

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Driving a Ferrari in Dubai and Visiting the Burj Khalifa

We had an amazing time driving around Dubai the way we really should! With a Ferrari! We drove by the most luxurious 5 star hotel: Burj al Arab and the worlds tallest building: the Burj Khalifa! We even went up to our friends apartment in the Burj Khalifa to see the views of Dubai from above, before hitting the road to continue our adventures. Thanks again Ferrari and Burj Khalifa for being apart of our amazing day!

Burj Khalifa

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Amazing Helicopter Tour in Dubai!

We were so happy to have taken part in this amazing adventure! World class service from start to finish. The views from above the magnificent city of Dubai were breathtaking to say the least, and something only Fly High Dubai would have been able to give us. The staff are very friendly, and I HIGHLY recommend this tour. If you are thinking about it, don't, it is an absolute MUST!

Thanks again Fly High Dubai!

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Aloha! Today we are in Hilo. We have partnered with Paradise Helicopters and we did one of the most amazing tours I have ever seen!

volcano helicopter tour hawaii big island hilo travel tourism blogger vlogger influencer carla maria bruno blog lifestyle adventure.JPG

We literally flew OVER an ACTIVE Volcano.. yes, I saw lava! We also saw some gorgeous waterfalls and the "Birth of Earth".

So many great memories were made that will last a life time! Happy Travelling!

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Paradise Helicopters Hawaii's Most Unique Helicopter Experience! Enjoy the Hawaii few people ever witness on our one-of-a-kind air adventures. www.paradisecopters.com info@paradisecopters.com Reservations: 1-866-876-7422 Facebook: ParadiseHelicopters Twitter: #ParadiseCopters Instagram: @ParadiseHelicopters Get the latest updates, stunning photos, and videos on the Big Island lava from our weekly Lava Blog at www.hawaiilavaupdate.com

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Horseback Riding in the Jungle

Today my husband and I are horseback riding in the middle of the jungle! Yes, in the jungle! We were also picking fruit right of the trees and plants while riding on these majestic animals. All thanks to two amazing people from The Big Island (and now our friends!).

I have partnered with Silver Crest Farms and we did the Jungle Ride Tour on the Big Island in Hawaii! It was so much fun and we had many great laughs. Cynthia and Kai were amazing hosts and not to mention how beautiful the farms lot is with stunning trees and breath taking scenery.

The horses were so friendly and anyone can ride them! They are so well trained. The tour was amazing and Cynthia took the time to show us around and explain some history and more about the nature that was all around us. We had an amazing time, and if you are looking for something to do on the Big Island I strongly recommend this beautiful and relaxing tour!

More about this tour: Come and ride through the lush and beautiful tropical Jungle of Kapoho. An unforgettable experience on the Big Island! Travel back in time and experience “real” Hawaii, like you’ve never seen it before, on HORSEBACK! Our expert guides will make you feel comfortable and safe on well kept, well trained horses, while providing you with lasting memories. You will meander through the jungle, smelling the sweet aromas of tropical flowers and ripening fruit, spotting colorful birds and wildlife along the way. The trail is a well maintained and safe path taking you on the adventure of a lifetime! The scenery is incredible, so make sure to take it in and bring your camera! After the ride you can enjoy some of the best snorkeling on the island at the Kapoho Tide Pools, or listen to the majestic sound of waves crashing onto the shore, with a relaxing soak in the Geothermal Hot Pond.

While you’re on our side of the Island be sure to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see the most active volcano in the world in all her splendor. Happy Travelling! Book Your Tour: Phone: (808) 333-1859 Email: contact@silvercrestfarms.com

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