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This post was sponsored by CeraVe, but all opinions are my own.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect baby products for Melia, especially since the cold and dry weather is coming up! Melia has been so good so far without any skin problems, but who knows what this winter will have in store for us!

I have been reading a lot about CeraVe Baby Products, and after a lot of careful research I decided to purchase some - and I am SO HAPPY I did.

I started with their Bebe Lotion, Wash & Shampoo, and Ointment, and I honestly love everything so far! I feel safe using their products on Melia, not only because the reviews speak so highly about them (especially for dry, oily, and eczema skin) but also because the ingredient list is not questionable at all.

CeraVe Bebe does more then just clean and moisturize, as it’s made to protect and maintain our babies sensitive skin without any harsh ingredients. Actually, adults and kids can use it too - not just babies!

I wash Melia’s bum with water after almost every diaper change, and when it’s really messy, I try to use some baby wash too. However, since I am washing so often, I had to find a body wash that would be safe and soft for her. The CeraVe Bebe Wash & Shampoo has been amazing for that. It is formulated with 3 essential ceramides and vitamins, which makes it so gentle and kind to her sensitive skin, that I have been able to use it as often as I’d like without being worried that her skin might get irritated.

Their Baby Lotion works wonders as well! Our bedtime routine always starts with a nice gentle message for Melia to soothe her skin, and get her relaxed and ready for bed time. The CeraVe Bebe Lotion keeps her skin soft and hydrated without being greasy. It’s light, fragrance-free and very gentle. I also love to use it after her bath, as it helps to protect, replenish and maintain her delicate skin moisture barrier. It quickly absorbs into the skin, and leaves her feeling smooth and healthy.

Now, the CeraVe Bebe Healing Ointment is my favourite product so far. I truly feel it needs to be in every store. It is AMAZING! I have been lucky with no diaper rash yet, nevertheless I have been reading so many reviews about how it works wonders when it comes to diaper rashes - so I am using it to help prevent them. After I wash her body or bum with water and CeraVe Bebe Wash & Shampoo, I use the ointment within minutes after drying her up, to really help protect her from dry skin and seal out wetness. It has a unique, lanolin free formula with a non-greasy feel, which I love!

I am so happy I came across their line of baby products, and I know you will be too. I highly recommend them as they are affordable, gentle, and fragrance free! CeraVe Baby Products are super safe for our babies delicate skin, and thats why I always turn to them when it comes to using only the the best products for Melia.

It is totally worth it!

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