Melia's Baby Girl Dreamland Nursery Reveal!

After six months of preparation and getting all the final details together, I am now ready to reveal to you Melia’s Nursery! 

It took me a while to put it all together, because for a long time I was unsure of the theme I wanted to go with. I would spend hours on Instagram and Google, searching for Baby Girl Nursery Ideas and I just couldn’t decide what direction I wanted to go with. 

So I thought to myself, instead of a “theme”, what if I start just piecing together a dreamland for her. I wanted to create a room with soft pinks and whites, but with lots of colourful and attractive designs and toys. Something that was soothing, but also would stimulate her mind and her creativity. 

I am all about creating an environment that encourages play and exploration, so in the end, that is the direction I decided to go for her Nursery :)

And I am so happy to share with you all the details of her room that made it all come together!

Ta-da! So at first, I of course started with her crib and dresser. I actually got these when I was still only about four months pregnant with her. At that time, I was (like I mentioned) unsure of the theme, but I did know that I definitely wanted her furniture to be white. I did a lot of research and I wanted to choose a crib that was safe, and that could adjust to the different stages of Melia’s childhood. I fell in love with the Baby Relax Senna 3-in-1 Upholstered Crib in white, with its soft and fresh upholstered side panels, and the matching Baby Relax Tia 6-Drawer Dresser in white, with its decorative molding and framed front drawers.

Her mattress was also top priority on my list. I wanted to really make sure I got her the best one possible. Safety and comfort were my main concerns when searching for the right mattress for baby Melia. I went with the Aerosleep Mattress and highly recommend it! It has a unique and strong honeycomb structure, that has a layer of air in between it that cannot be compressed, therefore Melia’s has plenty of breathing space while she sleeps. There are so many benefits to this amazing mattress, and I suggest reading all about it on their website. I am sure you will fall in love too!

For drapes and bedding, I went with Carousel Design. I read so many amazing reviews, so I decided to take a chance and went with them. I loved being able to custom design every little detail that went into her bedding and drapes. I was able to use their website and literally design my own bedding combination, including the bumper, skirt, sheets, and blanket. I was even able to order samples of different fabrics to see what I liked best. I had a lot of fun playing with the different colours and patterns, and I was leaning towards doing everything pink, but ultimately choose to make everything fresh and white! Also, I choose to get black out drapes for her window. 

Then I moved on to search for the perfect glider. I was planning to breastfeed, and so many of my friends told me how comfortable and relaxing it is for a baby, when you hold them in your arms and softly rock back and fourth in a glider, so I knew I wanted to find one that was perfect for her room! I came across the Monte Design Joya Nursery Rocking Chair. What I loved about Monte Design, is that you can actually design your own chairs! You pick the frame, and can choose the fabric, the colour, the base, and even the pillow! I went with a white Microsuede fabric, with a clear maple base, and pink pillow. The only thing I would have done differently if I could, was choose a white Enviroleather fabric instead of the Microsuede. Just because I find the suede gets dirty very quickly, especially since its white! So if you are going to order your chair in white, I would suggest choose an Enviroleather fabric! But all in all, the chair is absolutely stunning, and Melia loves it! Do you have any tips on how to keep the Microsuede fabric clean?

I wanted to hang a gorgeous canopy over her crib, and literally looked everywhere to find the perfect one! When I came across this one, I fell in love right away! I went with the Spinkie Canopy, and Spinkie Pom Garland in Pale Rose. Its absolutely stunning in person, and the quality is amazing. I really could not be happier. Nothing but the best for my princess!

For her rug and blankets, I got some adorable handmade crochet pieces from The Little Panda Shop. I even got her a super cute handmade sweater, which you can see Melia wearing here. What an art!

Her Peonies and Butterflies Wall Stickers were from Schmooksart. They were honestly SO EASY to put up. I think it took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. My husband and I did it together after I had put Melia to sleep, and it was really so simple. You just peal it off the paper, and stick it on to the wall. And whenever we made a mistake or wanted to reposition, it was just as easy to take off and re adjust, as it was to put it on the first time! I am so in love, and they have so many other designs! Don’t you love how these turned out?

The magical prints that you see in the frames on her wall, are from Little Rae Prints. It doesn’t come with the frame though, so I ordered those from Amazon.

The pink and wood play gym is from PoppySeed Play. Actually, this play gym is was first got Melia to start reaching out and use her hands back when she was three months old. She loves it so much! Even now! Although now she more or less crawls all over it and drags it around. But it’s still a form of learning and play!

The Mobile thats over her crib, and the unicorn plush toy, is from buybuyBaby. Melia loves her Mobile, I remember the first time I played it for her! Does your baby like their mobile?

Her adorable handmade toys are from Cuddle & Kind. What I love about them, is that for every doll sold, they feed 10 children! And they have so many beautiful handmade dolls to choose from! I got Charlotte the Dog, Ella the Unicorn, and Stella the Polar Bear! Aren’t they so cute?

And last but not least, I got these super cute and cuddly toys that I had fun hanging around the room! They are called Slumberkins. They are sleepy animals so I thought it was cute to make it look like they are sleeping on the curtains like a hammock! What do you guys think?

And that’s pretty much everything! I had so much fun putting her Nursery together. I hope to inspire Melia to play, explore, and create every day. The development of a child is so important, especially the first seven years of their life. I am so aware of the impact everything I do and teach her makes on the character and person she will be. I really took all of that into consideration when putting together her little dreamland, and it brings me so much joy when I watch her play in there.

Hope this helped anyone who is looking for some Baby Girl Nursery ideas and inspiration. 

What kinds of things did you put in your nursery?

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Little Rae Prints
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