Visiting the Ancient Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

We had a wonderful time in Flores, exploring the ancient ruins of Tikal which are over 3000 years old! We got to hike a beautiful trail through the forest and see some wild life before exploring the ancient city and learning about the marvellous history of the Mayans. We had a great time, and loved every minute of our tour with Maya World Tour!

We stayed at the Laguna Lodge Eco Resort in Lake Atitlan

From the moment we arrived, we were blown away with how magnificent Lake Atitlan is. Picture a Lake, enclosed by volcanos and mountains in the middle of what seems to be paradise. Lake Atitlan is in a massive volcanic crater surrounded by Mayan villages and pointed volcanic peaks. And you have to take a boat to get from village to village. 

We stayed at the stunning Laguna Lodge Eco Resort who partnered with us to be a part of our amazing Guatemalan experience. Laguna Lodge Eco Resort has its own natural reserve and is situated on one of the mountains by the lake. 

Laguna Lodge Eco Resort was one of the most peaceful, relaxing and beautiful places I have ever been! We had an amazing time, swimming, eating, and sharing life time memories thanks to the worlds top 25 resorts according to National Geographic. 

Looking to visit Guatemala? You should check out Lake Atitlan and stay at the Laguna Lodge! You will not regret it. 

Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve
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