Dune Bashing in the Majestic Deserts of Abu Dhabi

My friends and I decided to spend a day in the stunning Deserts of Abu Dhabi. We used Capital Gates Tourism and Adventure to book our trip. They were awesome!

They picked us up right in front of our apartment and headed straight to the desert. Surrounded by a sea of red sand, our professional driver took the four of us dune bashing off the sides of the sandy hills, and through secret passageways that only a pro would know how to maneuver.

In the middle of it all, our driver parked on top of the tallest hill, and invited us to get out of the car to take in the view. Spiritual or not, the moment was ethereal. Time was on a standstill, and I could have stood there for days.

While over looking the soft and pointed hills of the sandy desert, my friends and I stood there in awe of the beauty nature has painted for us. Taking steps in the sand, which were blown away in seconds, I was unable to leave a trace of my existence.

We also visited a camel farm, drove dune buggies, ate delicious food, and went sand boarding! I can't wait to go back, it was an experience that I could repeat over and over again.

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Camera: GoPro HERO4
Location: Abu Dhabi