Abu Dhabi, My Second Home!

I have way too many amazing memories in Abu Dhabi. My husband and I are crazy. So let me give you a little bit of a (quick) back story. My husband got engaged, and 1 year later said, lets move to the United Arab Emirates. So we got married the next day, with just our close family around, and then 5 days after that, moved to the UAE! Thats it. 

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We had no job and no plan, just a goal!

We landed in Dubai, and stayed in a hotel for a week while we soaked up the sun, enjoyed this new adventure we were starting.. and looked for jobs!

I ended up getting a job opportunity in Abu Dhabi 1 week after moving to Dubai, so we ended up moving over there. For those of you who don't know, Abu Dhabi is 1 hour away from Dubai. Oh, and a little more geography, for those who also don't know this: United Arab Emirates is the country, Dubai is one of the Emirates, and Abu Dhabi is another Emirate (of 7). 

So we ended up getting a hotel in Abu Dhabi and living at the Sheraton for 6 months while I worked at an advertising firm which was so fun and amazing! We couldn't rent an actual place though, because you have to have a residence Visa to do so, and for some reason my job wouldn't give me one lol. 

So anyways, thats how we ended up in Abu Dhabi! We lived there for over two years, eventually got jobs that gave us the ability to rent an apartment, and lived life to the fullest! You can just image all the adventures we experienced together! Some fun, some stressful, but mostly all amazing! 

Being newly Weds, and starting our life in such a daring way, was amazing! We took such a crazy chance and moved to a new country with only 6 days to get married, pack, and figure out our new life together! I love everything about that story... were just both so crazy and I love it. lol

Abu Dhabi and Dubai were amazing, and I have created so many memories that will last forever! It will always be home for me. I sometimes even feel more at home there, then I do in Canada. But thats a whole 'nother story!

Until next time... 

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