Baby Questions! Will my life be the same like when I was in Dubai?

How gorgeous is Dubai guys?? I still cant believe I got to live there! Ok, so technically I didn't live in Dubai, I lived in Abu Dhabi.. but still, same thing! I was basically in Dubai every day anyways since it was only an hour drive away lol. 

I am always taken aback when I look at these photos, and I am still not used to how beautiful the buildings and everything is in Dubai. Imagine, I lived there for 2 years and every day I would still say wow! Maybe thats just me, maybe some people can used to these kinds of things, but I was always so impressed! 

I am in Canada now, pregnant with a little baby girl, and am starting a new chapter in my life! I cannot wait to have her be apart of this world of mine. I want to show her everything! I am already trying to plan all these trips we can take together, and trying to figure out the logistics of travelling with a baby. I am sure its hard, but nothing can stop me!

Ill admit though, that I am a bit scared because I do love to travel so much, and would love to take her around the world and show her everything, but what if I cant? What if it really is THAT hard like people say? I know I wont be able to travel as much as before, and travelling will be different. But will it completely stop? I hope not.. 

My friends and family all say life is the same with a baby, just more busy thats all. So fingers crossed, because I definitely want to take this little girl to Dubai! Theres so much to do there for kids and so many of my friends have kids there too so shell be able to have fun with all of them! I guess well just have to wait and see.. 

What do you guys think? Will it be hard to travel once I have a baby?

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