Getting Baby Ready with Snuggle Bugz' and Phillips Avent

I can't believe, that after all of these years travelling around the world, and going on so many different adventures like flying over volcanos on helicopters, riding camels in the desert, and zip-lining over jungles, the best adventure has yet to come: Motherhood!

I am officially back in Canada and living in Ottawa (my hometown), after traveling with my husband for the past 6 years. I have been to over 30 countries, and him and I lived 4 months in California and 2.5 years in Dubai. Its been a crazy ride, but when we found out we were pregnant we of course decided to settle down near close friends and relatives and get ready to start our own little family!

I've always dreamed of the day I would fall pregnant with my own baby girl. Although 28 weeks in, and I still pinch myself to see if this is all real! My pregnancy journey has been so blessed, and preparing myself each day for the moment I officially become a mommy has been wonderful. 

Every week I watch as my tummy grows bigger and cuter, and feel as her little kicks and movements become stronger and more frequent. I can't believe a mini me is growing inside, and until the day I finally get to meet my little peanut I have started to prepare all the essentials that I will need for when she arrives into this world. 

Snuggle Bugz' - Canada's Baby Store in Kanata has been so helpful in my journey. Every pregnancy question I ask has always been answered with a smile and they have truly been so wonderful! I am so lucky to have Snuggle Bugz' location so close to home in Kanata as they specialize in literally all things baby! From strollers, to car seats (which, I find to be so confusing!! There are so many sizes and adaptors and everything else in between... but that's a different story), bottles, bouncers, etc. 

Like every crazy mommy-to-be I have been doing a ton of research on everything baby. It could be because I currently know nothing about baby products, or it could just be because I am obsessing over getting the perfect everything for my little girl. Either way, I can't stop (lol). 

One specific baby product I have been looking into a lot are bottles. There are so many brands out there that it started to get a bit overwhelming. I spoke with Snuggle Bugz' and they suggested the Phillips Avent bottle brands, as they come highly recommended. I dug a little deeper and did some more research and it turns out they have amazing reviews all over the internet, and many of my mommy friends have also told me that Avent Bottles are amazing. 

So, I went ahead and got myself some Baby Feeding Essentials which I can now happily check off of my list:

Philips Avent – Express Food & Bottle Warmer:

  • For days when you're rushed off your feet, this Philips Avent baby bottle warmer warms your milk quickly and evenly in just 3 minutes.
  • For the FUTURE: features a handy defrost setting and can also be used to warm baby food.

Philips Avent – Natural Essentials Feeding Set:

  • Includes express microwave steam sterilizer, bottle and nipple brush, 2 4oz Natural Bottles, 2 9oz Natural Bottles, and 2 Soothie pacifiers
  • Cleans and sterilizes
  • Bottles for 0 – 6 months

Philips Avent – Dryer Rack:

  • Fits 8 bottles and accessories.
  • Sits nicely on your kitchen counter.

Now that I have checked those things off my list... it is time to start searching for a good stroller and car seat (oh the dreaded car seat, I never realized how confusing these things could be!) - I'll schedule an appointment with Snuggle Bugz' so they can help me with that!

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