One Day in Qatar

Have you ever been to Qatar, or ever heard of it? Its a small and beautiful country in the Middle East, very close to Dubai. Its one of the richest countries in the world because of all of its oil. Its still growing though, and not as extravagant as Dubai, I would compare it more to Abu Dhabi. 

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So as you all know, I was living in Dubai for a couple of years. The thing is though, in Dubai as a Canadian, you are only ever allowed to be there for 40 days at a time (unless you have a Residence Visa). So what I had to do every 40 days (yes every 40 days for over 2 years lol) is drive to the nearest boarder, which was Oman, and exit the country, do a U-Turn, and then come back in and get a new entry stamp on my passport.

Can you picture how many stamps I have on my passport now??? After 2.5 years of exiting every 40 days. Lol.. And can you imagine how hard it is for me to travel ANYwhere with all these Middle Eastern stamps all over it. Lol boarder control in North America aaaaaaalways give me such a hard time about it every time I try to cross to the States. But anyways, back to my story... 

So one day, my husband had a meeting in Qatar and it was the same time I had to exit the country for a new stamp. So, he decided to take me with him for a quick little get away. I got to visit a new country, and get my stamp at the same time!

So that morning we flew to Qatars' capital - Doha. We stayed the day, and then flew back at night. It was one day of adventure and it was so much fun! Of course, when he went to his meeting I stayed at a coffee shop and worked from my phone, but other than that we got to explore the country. We honestly had so much fun. I love small adventures like that! Being spontaneous is my thing! lol

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Qatar is very beautiful. Doha, is a city by the water, and has many gorgeous buildings. There is a lot of construction going on because its an up and coming city so they are building lots of new hotels, residential living and office spaces etc. The next world cup (after Russia) I think will be in Qatar. 

As always, I filmed a bit of my adventure. You can watch the video by clicking on the link I posted below. 

Also, this is random but are you looking for a job in the Middle East? Try Qatar! There are so many job opportunities and they pay SO WELL! Depending on what package you land, and the type of job .. many jobs will pay for your flight there, pay for your house rent, car, and sometimes give you a little extra for furniture and food! Thats ON TOP of your salary! So check it out for work, or check it out for travel. Either way, you'll love it!

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Abu Dhabi, My Second Home!

I have way too many amazing memories in Abu Dhabi. My husband and I are crazy. So let me give you a little bit of a (quick) back story. My husband got engaged, and 1 year later said, lets move to the United Arab Emirates. So we got married the next day, with just our close family around, and then 5 days after that, moved to the UAE! Thats it. 

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We had no job and no plan, just a goal!

We landed in Dubai, and stayed in a hotel for a week while we soaked up the sun, enjoyed this new adventure we were starting.. and looked for jobs!

I ended up getting a job opportunity in Abu Dhabi 1 week after moving to Dubai, so we ended up moving over there. For those of you who don't know, Abu Dhabi is 1 hour away from Dubai. Oh, and a little more geography, for those who also don't know this: United Arab Emirates is the country, Dubai is one of the Emirates, and Abu Dhabi is another Emirate (of 7). 

So we ended up getting a hotel in Abu Dhabi and living at the Sheraton for 6 months while I worked at an advertising firm which was so fun and amazing! We couldn't rent an actual place though, because you have to have a residence Visa to do so, and for some reason my job wouldn't give me one lol. 

So anyways, thats how we ended up in Abu Dhabi! We lived there for over two years, eventually got jobs that gave us the ability to rent an apartment, and lived life to the fullest! You can just image all the adventures we experienced together! Some fun, some stressful, but mostly all amazing! 

Being newly Weds, and starting our life in such a daring way, was amazing! We took such a crazy chance and moved to a new country with only 6 days to get married, pack, and figure out our new life together! I love everything about that story... were just both so crazy and I love it. lol

Abu Dhabi and Dubai were amazing, and I have created so many memories that will last forever! It will always be home for me. I sometimes even feel more at home there, then I do in Canada. But thats a whole 'nother story!

Until next time... 

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Invited The Hilton Garden Inn RAK

Thank you to the Hilton Garden Inn in Ras Al Khaimah for your invite to tour the newly renovated hotel before your grand opening.

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We spent the day on a beautiful tour of the Hilton Garden Inn and loved it. We met some of the amazing staff behind this new hotel, and ate some equally amazing food! It was a perfectly hot sunny day, and we ended it with a beautiful boat ride on the water. Watch the video for the full tour! 

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We had an amazing time and cannot wait to visit again!

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Food in Dubai!

OMG!!! There is so much good food to eat in Dubai! The options are endless!!!! I cant even really begin to tell you, how amazing everything is!

Dubai has it all. From American, to Italian, to Middle Eastern, to Indian. They literally have it all, and its all the best of the best! Some places can be expensive, and other can be pretty reasonable! Either way, if you plan to come to Dubai, I highly recommend coming with an empty stomach because you are DEFINITELY going to want to eat here! Don't miss out!

Heres 3 of my faves (but not my only faves, I have like 20 faves lol)

FUME DUBAI: Restaurant offers affordable, uncomplicated yet delicious comfort food with a global twist. 

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YAMANOTE ATELIER DUBAI: Bakery and coffee for Japanese-influenced European bread, pastries and cakes. 

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CAFE BATEEL DUBAI MALL: Represents a seamless blend of Mediterranean cuisine and the distinct character of Arabian heritage. 

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The Perfect, Organic, Hostess Gift Baskets for my Baby Showers

I cannot believe my baby showers have come and gone, after all these months of planning and visualizing how everything would turn out! I started planning my baby shower in February/March this past year to really get a head start on things. I had a vision and I wanted everything to be perfect!

I am Argentinean, and my side of the family speaks Spanish. My husband on the other hand, is Lebanese, and his side of the family speaks Arabic. So I figured I would have two amazing baby showers; one was a Tea Party Theme Baby Shower for the Spanish side of my family, and the other was a Tropical Baby Shower for the Lebanese side of the family. Also, who doesn't want to plan two gorgeous baby showers anyways! Any excuse works haha

My amazing mom and sister helped me plan and organize the Tea Party Baby Shower. Let's be honest though, I am a control freak, so I had a vision and a plan and everything had to go by the book lol, but nonetheless they helped with organizing, scheduling, games, prizes, music, etc!

For my Tropical Baby Shower, my cousin Jenn and best friend since grade 9, Nabila, helped plan and organize it. Again, I had my vision and had my contacts with all my vendors lol, but they helped with organizing, scheduling, games, prizes, and drinks, etc. Also, Nabila's family graciously let me use their house for the baby shower! 

I am so grateful to not only had the chance to plan two stunning baby showers, but to have FOUR amazing hostesses who helped me put it all together! I was truly blessed and am so thankful for everything they did for me!

As a thank you, of course, I wanted to gift them with the perfect hostess gift. I was so happy to find Inka Organics so close to home. I knew that the beautiful organic gift baskets that they create, would be perfect for my hostesses! Even though I am in Ottawa and they are in Toronto, I had them deliver to one of my cousins who lived in the GTA, and he brought it down to Ottawa for me. 

Inka Organics has SO many beautiful, clean, practical and organic gift baskets that anyone would love to receive! It was hard to choose, which basket would go to which hostess, but here is what I got them:

I got my mom the Bliss for Her gift basket. She's crazy about soaps and lotions, so I got her a collection of organic, clean, and practical personal care products! 

For my sister, I got her the Aromatherapy Lover gift basket. It was full of so many beautiful products to treat the body, mind, and soul! 

My cousin Jenn eats organic, so the Corporate Mini Me gift basket was perfect for her! Its full of organic and delicious teas, chocolates, fizzy non-alcoholic drinks, truffles, chips, seaweed snacks and hard candies.


For Nabila's family, I got them the Cocoa Nut gift basket. Another great collection of delicious and supreme chocolates, snacks, drinks, and coffees!

If you are in the GTA area, they deliver all across there, so definitely check out Inka Organics for beautiful, practical, and organic gift baskets for any event, gift, or party!

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